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Sleep Clinic

Sleep ClinicDr Bruce Arroll has a special interest in sleep problems. For most sleep problems there is a solution. You are welcome to consult him for this. These sessions take 30 minutes so you will need to book a double consultation and tell the receptionist you are coming for a sleep problem. Because it is a double session we need to charge a double fee to enrolled patients. For non- enrolled patients there is a different fee.

Causes of sleep problems

There are many causes of sleep problems. The most common in our community is sleep apnoea i.e when you snore loudly at night and fall asleep easily during the day i.e in waiting rooms or as a passenger in a car. Those with this condition often wake up and do not feel refreshed and have a headache and dry mouth. This can be readily treated with a special breathing machine that can either be purchased or hired from a private company.

Other common causes are depression and anxiety. Both of these conditions can be treated either with medication or talking treatments such as cognitive behavioural therapy. This is a treatment where a therapist assists in reframing your thoughts around negative emotions.

Primary insomnia

This is very common in the community. It is a condition where people have poor sleep but no specific cause. (The clinical way of describing this is to say it is a diagnosis of exclusion i.e the person has a sleep problem but no specific cause for it.) It can be treated with sleep restriction and/or cognitive behavioural therapy.

Restless legs

This is a condition where you start feeling discomfort once you are in bed and the discomfort is relieved by moving or rubbing your legs. It is considered to be a neurological condition rather than a sleep problem and can be treated with medication.

Delayed sleep phase

This is a condition where individuals prefer going to bed well after midnight and sleeping very late in the morning. It is only a problem when that person needs to go to work early in the morning in which case they are sleep deprived. It can be treated with bright lights in the morning and a medication called melatonin.

Sleep walking
sleep talking
teeth grinding

All these conditions can cause insomnia and there are treatments for them if the problem is sufficiently severe.

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