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Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

Greenstone Family Clinic aims to improve the health of the people and communities we serve.

"As a Health Provider our mission is to provide Quality Health Care Services to all people residing within the boundaries of Tamaki Makaurau and Tainui, that embraces the individuals right for integrity and dignity within a culturally appropriate environment."

Our Values

We provide user-friendly patient centered care. We are committed to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our patients within the resources available to Greenstone Family Clinic.
Rainbow Kiwi We support an uncompromising commitment to compassionate, ethical, quality patient care. We are youth & transgender friendly and dedicated to provide extraordinary service with each opportunity to all clients, regardless.
We aim to keep our fees low for all those studying (i.e. free consultation for 0-18 year old patients enrolled at the clinic or is in full time educational training).
We provide some aspects of service to the community through student projects to the community and through general medical services to the community and to linkages with tangata whenua in the community.
We strive to create an organizational culture where colleagues feel valued and take a sense of pride in their work. We endeavor to be a learning environment for staff, patients and students and provide a supportive atmosphere for teaching and research.
We encourage staff to look for ways of making our services to the community run more smoothly, efficiently and effectively.
We aim to provide a family friendly work environment for staff.
Quality and Innovation
We continuously strive to achieve excellence at all levels in the organization and find new ways of providing health care to the population, health care that is responsive, adaptive, innovative and cost-effective.
We are committed to maintaining a safe environment for our patients, visitors and colleagues.
We promote leadership as an attitude, not a position, putting value on both people and the work they do.
We are colleagues who work together, sharing knowledge, talents and skills to achieve common goals (via frequent opportunities to discuss cases with other doctors in the clinic and an educational, enlightening and evidence-based peer review).
There is less emphasis on job description and more emphasis on negotiation (i.e. looking at different tasks for different staff and avoiding the statement "that is not in my job description").
We will be forthright, honest and respectful. We aim for a gossip free clinic. When there is an issue, we use the one complaint rule and take action.
We embrace the diversity of our patients, their families, our staff, and the communities we serve.

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