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Clinic Policies

Repeat Prescriptions

We are happy to provide repeat prescriptions for certain stable ongoing medical conditions. Please allow sufficient time for repeat prescription requests to be processed.

Prescription Requests

We require at least a 24-hour notice for repeat prescriptions.

Prescription requests are released after 2:00 pm the following day.

HOWEVER, urgent requests or same day requests can be processed with additional cost.


Repeat prescriptions for over 18 years
$12.00 (up to 3 months supply)
Repeat prescriptions for under 18 years
Urgent prescription requests (same day)

This service is available to enrolled patients of this clinic for ongoing medications only.

From time to time, the doctor will need to see you before releasing your prescription. We will contact you should this be necessary. This is not to inconvenience you but to ensure that your medical condition is monitored properly and not compromised. Your cooperation in this is for your benefit.

Blood Test Results

Blood test results will only be given to the patient (unless we have a written document from the patient giving authority to someone to receive such results). Only clinical staff (doctor or nurse) can release test results.

It is our policy to contact patients about ABNORMAL results as soon as possible following the notification of results to us by the laboratory.

We do NOT contact patients with normal results.


If your doctor has referred you for further investigation (usually Middlemore Hospital or Manukau Superclinic), an appointment should be scheduled by them and they will confirm this in writing. Please ensure that your contact details with us are up-to-date so the correct information will be forwarded with your referral.

If you have not heard from them in two weeks, please contact one of our practice nurses so they can follow this up for you.

By working together in this way we aim to keep you well informed and eliminate any chance of oversight.

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