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Stress, anxiety and depression clinic using
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Dr Bruce Arroll has a special interest in mental health issues. This includes stress, low energy, anxiety and depression. He uses Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) which is the most recently developed psychological therapy.

Stressed Woman

The basic way it works is to deal with past hurts and difficult emotions in order to progress to a meaningful future. Dr Arroll finds that most people who are struggling with their thoughts, feelings and emotions are usually using "helping techniques" that are not working. If they were working those thoughts, feelings and emotions would be less burdensome. It is usually time to try something different.

You are welcome to consult him for this. These sessions take 60 minutes for the first session and then 30 minutes thereafter so you will need to book a quadruple consultation (one hour) and tell the receptionist you are coming for a Behavioral Health Clinic with Dr Arroll. If you are registered at our clinic it is a double regular fee. If you are not registered it is $150 for the first one hour visit and then $100 per visit thereafter.

The aim is to have around four sessions although it can be extended as needed. He is usually available on Monday mornings and all day Thursday.

Evidence for the
effectiveness of ACT

There are now over 150 trials showing that ACT is as effective as CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which is the standard) and more effective than CBT for conditions such as pain and smoking cessation.

Other health conditions
that benefit from ACT

ACT is used for a wide range of physical health conditions such as smoking, chronic pain, poorly controlled diabetes and drug and alcohol problems.

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